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Iowa is a state that has miles and miles of farmland, mostly planted in corn i believe. It is considered one of the safest states in which to live, no semi-auto or auto guns here. It is also called the food capital of the world. The state consists of about 60% farmland. I understand it gets pretty hot and humid in the summer and winters can be very cold, so you should have the means to pay for climate control items like air conditioning & and heaters. It appears that some of the farmland is selling for very high prices recently, for some reason. In the future i will identify counties where a high amount of raw land suitable for off-grid living predominates. I suspect that many counties in this state consist largely of agricultural land with very little recreational land. For starters, Southern Iowa may contain a lot of recreational property . . .


  1. Iowa Land For Sale
    IOWA LAND FOR SALE   This business here is located in Southern Iowa and SI may be a good place to look for your land. Sample picture on the right is of a 13 acre parcel (Listing #: SL5-8) for sale at $34,900.

    “Growing up on a dairy farm in south-central Wisconsin I learned an appreciation for the great outdoors. Land has been a precious resource for the human race since the beginning of time.
    I have been involved with land all of my life but have been in the real estate business for nearly 14 years. I find it a privilege to find customers the right setting in what I consider one of the best kept secrets of the Midwest. I deal with listings in three different states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, & Iowa), and have been in the land business for the past 14 years. I work with multiple sellers and make the best efforts to take the "What Ifs" and headaches out of buying land by dealing with only premiere buildable acreages throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. One of the sellers I currently work closely with is Four Rivers Realty, Inc. Four Rivers is a Wisconsin based company that offers recreational or investment properties in Wisconsin and Iowa. They are the developer for Sundown Lake where you can find many of my lakefront listings. A lot of time and effort is put into each property to ensure you that you know what you are getting when purchasing from our sellers. Before an offer is made you will be provided with proper disclosure information on each property. Before closing on most acreages you will be provided with a lot information statement, warranty deed, title insurance or abstract, and a guarantee of build-ability. I look forward to the opportunity to help find you and your family the property of your dreams.”
    Jason Kok •13868 286th Ave • Moravia, Iowa 52571 • Phone: (608) 386-5597 • Contact Form

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