List of Sources for Idaho Land.

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I think maybe buying land in Idaho for off-grid living can be somewhat easy. Idaho has a lot of rural type land. I used to own 1-1/2 acres on the Moyie River up in northern Bonners County near Eastport. I left and sold out after living there for approximately 1 year. I did not like the long periods of overcast sky with a very brief beautiful summers. Some people like the weather up in Northern Idaho, and some use the area as a summer go to place, they may own some land with a small cabin used for seasonal living.


  1. Local North Idaho Boundary County, Bonners Ferry Realtors:


  2. Century 21 Land
    CENTURY 21   This real estate business is located up in the northern most county of Idaho called 'Boundary County'. I used this real estate business to sell my 1-1/2 acre property up north located on the Moyie River. (I like Century 21 and use them for all my selling of real estate and if they have property listed i would be interested in buying, i would buy through them also). Everything went very well and i had no problems with these people, that was maybe 20 years ago. Sample picture on the right is of a 3 acre parcel listed for sale in Moyie Springs, ID 83845 for $18,000 (14 Dec 12), MLS #: 20123341.

    “Century 21 Real Estate LLC ( is the franchisor of the world's largest residential real estate sales organization, providing comprehensive training, management, administrative and marketing support for the CENTURY 21® System. The System is comprised of approximately 7,000 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices and 100,000 agents in 73 countries and territories worldwide. CENTURY 21 Real Estate is recognized as a leader in e-marketing and has received numerous awards. The CENTURY 21 System is actively increasing its presence globally, with international operations throughout Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. Contact us to learn more about bringing the most recognized brand in real estate to select markets in the US or countries and territories abroad!”
    CENTURY 21 (Four Seasons Realty) • Ph: (208) 267-2100 • 1139 Hwy 95 • PO Box 1327 • Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

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