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I think maybe buying land in California for off-grid living can be somewhat tricky. It seems the state tries to maintain real high standards in regards to what a person can do with their property. Scroll down to the Johnson Valley entry to read the true story of this one man's problem - keep in mind his land is located in a remote rural area of San Bernardino County. The point being - a person can buy a parcel of land in this area off of some listing on eBay for a cheap price but actually you cannot live on the land legally without going the entire permit planning department route. Actually the land is pretty expensive to live on legally.


  1. Alturas City Limit Sign
    MODOC COUNTY   I have visited here a long time ago. It's OK. But, i was too broke to really stay long enough to visit around the area and see what it had to offer. As far as i can remember the very small town of Alturas was the main city and i slept somewhere nearby in my 1966 Chevy station wagon car. I could remember it being close to the state of Nevada and you could get a magnificent view of Northern Nevada from one of the east going highways or roads. Alturas is over 4000ft elevation. Nice summers.

    “Welcome to Modoc County and the Alturas Chamber of Commerce - As representatives of our business community, we encourage you to come and visit our friendly community located in Northeastern California. This is California? Yes, but not the California of smog, congestion and crowded amusement parks. This is the California of soaring mountains and bubbling springs, of four distinct seasons and close-knit communities that welcome visitors with open arms as long as you bring lots of money.
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    Our favorite recreation, and that of our visitors, is always centered around the crisp air and the gorgeous scenery. Whether you visit us in the winter for skiing or summer for a camping trip, you're bound to leave feeling refreshed. Abundant mosquitoes, marshes, forests, plains and lakes provide habitat for a wide range of wildlife in the Alturas area. The Modoc National Wildlife Refuge lies mostly to the south of Alturas and covers thousands of acres of hunting, fishing and observational grounds. "The Smiles of God" is what the Native Americans who first settled this land called the Modoc County area. Rich in history as well as geological formations, you will find important scenic & recreational resources to satisfy the curious minded and outdoor enthusiast alike. Alturas' high desert climate makes for warm, dry summers and cold winters, perfect getaway vacation conditions. Importantly, 70 percent of the county is publicly owned forest and wilderness, open to camping, fishing, cross country skiing and other outdoor pursuits. The county is easily accessible by state route 299 and 139 as well as US Highway 395.”

    Local Realtors:

    1. Stevenson Realty
    2. Dean Neer Realty
    Alturas Chamber of Commerce • 600 S Main ST • alturas, CA 96101 • Phone: (530) 233-4434

  2. Lucerne Valley LUCERNE VALLEY, CA 92356   This is an area in Southern California just East of Apple Valley and West of Johnson Valley. My experience here is that it can get quite windy at times. Can be quite hot in the summertime. Lots of snakes; including sidewinders and other rattlesnakes, scorpions ,lizards, jack rabbits, etc. But, this area has a lot of beautiful days also.

    “Lucerne Valley is a working and retirement community, industrious, with a significant number of willing volunteers in proportion to population, compared to larger communities. We are part of a High Desert population of more than 200,000. Our local population is 8,961 according to the 2000 census. We are a growing community. Lucerne Valley is located 19 miles east of Apple Valley and 20 miles downhill north of Big Bear in the southern reaches of the Mojave Desert. It is surrounded by several mountain ranges which include the Granite mountain range, the Ord mountain range, and the San Bernardino mountain range. The heart of Lucerne Valley is located on the crossroads of State Route 247 (Old Woman Springs Road / Barstow Road) and State Route 18. Yucca Valley lies 45 miles east via Route 247/Old Woman Springs Road. In San Bernardino County, Lucerne Valley's area is also identified as County Service Area 29.”
    Chamber of Commerce

  3. Raw Land For Sale CALIFORNIA VALLEY, CA 93453   This area is East of the town of San Luis Obispo. I think this area is about 50 miles from SLO.

    “What the Great Plains once were to the nation, Carrizo still is to California: uninhabited, unspoiled starry-night country.”
    —National Geographic Adventure
    “It's the very absence of human activity that makes the Carrizo unique. While other portions of central California were being plowed and bulldozed, the Carrizo Plain stayed much as it had always been.” —Sunset
    “The vast, arid, strikingly beautiful Carrizo Plain—sometimes called California's "Serengeti"—is one of America's newest national monuments and one of [our] most successful projects.” —The Nature Conservancy”
    Chamber of commerce

  4. Picture of Johnson Valley, California JOHNSON VALLEY, CA   This area is West of Lucerne Valley. The Lucerne Valley Economic Development Association believes the change in San Bernardino County’s water hauling policy is a major issue facing the community, and LVEDA is still waiting for a response to its letter to the county on the topic. The policy essentially forbids the use of hauled water for new developments in the county. Those who wish to build on unimproved land must dig an expensive well, with no guarantee that they will find potable water a reasonable depth. Several concerned parties spoke at LVEDA’s May meeting, including Matt Johnson. Johnson, 29, bought a piece of land in Johnson Valley and moved there after losing his job. A carpenter by trade, he erected two small sheds and installed a water tank along with some small solar panels. He’s being cited by the county for living in an illegal dwelling. He said he’d like to rectify that by building a home that meets code requirements, but he can’t get a building permit because he uses hauled water. Because he doesn't have the money to dig a well and has nowhere else to go, Johnson says he has no choice but to stay on his property and continue to rack up expensive citations that he cannot (or will not) pay. He said he feels like his property rights are being violated. This Catch-22 story may not be unique. In an e-mail to the Leader, LVEDA chairman Chuck Bell said the policy “is becoming a disaster to our outlying residents with no or poor groundwater sources.” Robert Eland field rep. for Supervisor Mitzelfelt- On hauled water issue County feels quantity is more important than quality.(?) Matt Johnson has been banned from his own property. He has a storage building on his property – not legal w/o a primary dwelling - no well – can’t get a building permit w/o water – can’t get hauled water – can’t afford or guarantee a well would produce any water. He has been cited and has been told that the county will keep citing him and the costs will keep going up. They will end up with his property. As of 2007 residences and haulers must be in compliance.
    Chamber of Commerce

  5. Kernville
    KERN COUNTY   This county has Bakersfield as the "County Seat".

    “Kern County is called California's Golden Empire for a good reason. This grand and historic area, where settlers once sought the riches brought by gold and the "black gold" of oil, is now a place of golden opportunity. Kern County is filled with booming cities and an unparalleled quality of life. Diversity is the name of the game here. Found at the southern end of California's great Central Valley, Kern County is the gateway to Southern California, the San Joaquin Valley, the Sierra Nevada and the Mojave Desert. Perfectly located, Kern is within easy reach of Los Angeles or San Francisco, the Pacific Coast or Las Vegas, Yosemite or Death Valley. The third-largest county in California -- larger than Massachusetts, New Jersey or Hawaii; or Delaware, Rhode Island and Connecticut combined -- Kern hosts a wealth of recreational and tourism opportunities. The Wild and Scenic Kern River is a Mecca for outdoorsmen. Beginners and professionals alike flock to its world-class rapids. The Kern River Valley is also the gateway to the Giant Sequoia National Monument and is home to some of the best fishing and camping in California. Five recreational lakes just add to the water-based fun. Kern's desert is home to the awe-inspiring Red Rock Canyon State Park and the living ghost town of Randsburg. You can also view the history of flight or developments in military technology at Edwards Air Force Base, Vernon P. Saxon Flight Museum, or the U.S. Naval Museum of Armament and Technology at the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station. In the San Joaquin Valley you can celebrate the life and legacy of a country music legend at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, view indigenous wildlife at the California Living Museum or Tule Elk State Reserve, or peer into our past at the Kern County Museum or West Kern Oil Museum. With valley, mountain and desert areas, Kern County has something for everyone. Whatever you enjoy -- bird-watching, golfing, hunting and fishing, auto racing, sky diving, rock climbing, biking, off-roading, skiing, kayaking, windsurfing or river rafting -- Kern County is the place to be!”
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  6. There seems to be quite a few lots and acreage for sale in Lake Los Angeles, Lake County, Shasta County, Phelan, Lancaster, Ravendale, Lassen, Blythe and Imperial. It says these are all in southern CA. One example is a property in Ravendale/ Lassen Co. which is 40 acres and is selling for $15,000! I am aware this is probably in the middle of nowhere but that is what we want to live.
  7. IMPERIAL VALLEY, CA   This county is located near the Mexican Border and also contains the town of Blythe.

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