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Is Arizona a good place to live? I have never been to Arizona, except for a 2 hour layover in Anchorage on my way to Vietnam. But from what i can gather from other people's comments: Arizona is best for younger people in good health and not so good for older people who would benefit by a warmer climate. Of course i realize there are exceptions, and some people have a nice cozy home in Arizona with electric heat or family and friends to help them and enough money to maintain the cost of living, but for a lot of people it is very expensive i understand and if you want to live out somewhere in some cabin in the woods and cut & haul your own wood and water - well, that is something that gets hard to do when you get too old. Fairbanks might be a good place to live. I think i would like Fairbanks better than Anchorage. Fairbanks seems to have better weather.


  1. 400 SF A-Frame Cabin
    YOUR OWN ACRE   Here's a well done website with lots of nice property pictures. Remember to always check to see if there are any covenants and restrictions on any property you would like to purchase.

    “We are a small group of land owners that have taken on the objective of offering quality Arizona land for sale with some of the best terms on the market! We offer all of our own land for sale with NO credit checks, NO pre-payment penalties, and low down/monthly payments. Most of the properties we make available make great recreational properties, and can be used to build a cabin or second home. Our lots are generally in Northern AZ in higher elevation, cooler weather, and are abundant with juniper trees. If you've ever wanted to live somewhere where you could own horses, or just have somewhere to spread out, this is the site for you! All Arizona real estate is on sale right now, especially vacant land. Whether you're looking for a parcel to invest in, farm, or for something to eventually retire on, right now is the time to buy! We have made the land sales process extremely simple, and have made it possible for it to be done 100% online. If you've gone through everything we have and still haven't found what you're looking for, make sure to let us know. We'll do our best to find it for you!”
    Statewide Real Estate LLC • PO Box 1302 • McComb, MS 39649 • Phone: (601) 551-5877 • Contact Form

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