List of Sources for Alaska Land.

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Is Alaska a good place to live? I have never been to Alaska, except for a 2 hour layover in Anchorage on my way to Vietnam. But from what i can gather from other people's comments: Alaska is best for younger people in good health and not so good for older people who would benefit by a warmer climate. Of course i realize there are exceptions, and some people have a nice cozy home in Alaska with electric heat or family and friends to help them and enough money to maintain the cost of living, but for a lot of people it is very expensive i understand and if you want to live out somewhere in some cabin in the woods and cut & haul your own wood and water - well, that is something that gets hard to do when you get too old. Fairbanks might be a good place to live. I think i would like Fairbanks better than Anchorage. Fairbanks seems to have better weather.


  1. 400 SF A-Frame Cabin
    STATEWIDE REAL ESTATE   Anyway, this business has a nice property search feature which is easy to use. Lots of pictures of listing for sale. They about themselves: "Here at Alaska Landsource, you will find the most extensive collection of hunting land, farmland and rural real estate property for sale in Alaska on the web. Find whatever you may be looking for . . . from farms, ranches and home lots, to that beautiful piece of waterfront recreational property. Our quick search below will help you find agriculture, farming, ranching, timberland or investment land for sale in your desired Alaska County. Picture on the right is of a sample property i selected which consists of 400 SF Cabin on large pond (File#M256). Land Size & Price: $42,000, 6.9 Acres. (4 Dec 2012).

    “We specialize in the sale of residential, recreational & remote land and cabins. This private land sale offers a variety of properties, all across the state of Alaska, many which can be purchased with the assistance of owner financing. View detailed information (including plats, maps & pictures of each property) by clicking on the corresponding file #'s (B004 or M006, etc.) of those properties that interest you. To view detailed information relating to cities, towns, villages and regions within Alaska visit the web site: Thank you for visiting our web site. Please contact us by phone or email if you would like to submit an offer on any of our listings, or if we can be of any further assistance. Our office is open 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Sunday, by appointment only; or you may contact us at any time or day by phone. ~Wynn Moser, Broker”
    Statewide Real Estate LLC • PO Box 1302 • McComb, MS 39649 • Phone: (601) 551-5877 • Contact Form

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