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This website features sources of mostly raw rural undeveloped land in many areas of the United States and abroad as well as parcels with smaller homes or cabins already built on the land. Web Master
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Buying a piece of land for your own personal living quarters can save you lots of money in the long run and be a source of greater stability in your life. There still exists in the US large areas of land not served very well by the electrical power system and/or by community water projects. I will be listing those under served areas for those of you interested in buying this kind of property and making a go of it living in these remote areas. I am no Donald Duck, but i have a small amount of experience buying and selling rural land. In fact, i have bought and sold 3 different places in three different locations living a low cost lifestyle. My first homestead (as i call it) was in Phelan, California on 2½ acres. My second homestead was in Northern Idaho on 1½ acres. And my third homestead was in Landers, California on 5 acres. A lot of people know a lot more about real estate than i do that's for sure. Most counties in the US have adopted the "Uniform building Code" and that's where a lot of expense problems start for the small time buyer. Even though i believe a certain amount of building code is beneficial to everyone - someone, somewhere has taken the code system to a level where many people have been "legislated" out of a place to live. Not only the cost of meeting the governments building requirements, but the cost of permits has sky rocketed to the point where it can cost thousands of dollars in fees before you even turn a shovel of dirt.

Special Note: (18 Jan 11)   I apologize for the fact that i have not been able to work on this website on a regular basis. I am currently working on another website of mine which is also long over due for updated material. I own about 31 websites and i am always working on them - some more than others. I will eventually get to this site and start adding more material. For right now it will have to wait a while. You are of course welcome to bookmark this page and check back later to see if i have made any progress. Sorry ☹

Update: (13 Dec 12)   I am now working on this website on a regular basis. It is a massive project, so it will take awhile to accumulate a lot of useful material. The category heading entitled: 'Land Sources' is the heart of the website. The other categories (State, County Map, Capital, & Location) are just reference material for your personal use if so desired.

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